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There are various upcoming events in the UK which relate to spreading awareness on psychological health as well as helping people overcome their day-to-day struggles. There is a lot to be gained from such events and attending one could help you view life in a different light, thus changing your life for good. What events should you be on the lookout?

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  • The New Psychology of Health: Unlocking the Social Cure

    03 Feb 2018

    start 6:15PM

    This event will take place in London on third February 2018 at 6:15PM all the way to 7:45PM. That one and a half hour could be life changing so register today for free entry.

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    The organizers of this event have the idea that social groups are a way to increase our quality of life. For people over the age of fifty who belong to some form of social gathering, their likelihood of getting depressed gets reduced by over twenty percent. The forum seeks to show the link between health and social connections.

    Groups are a way to get support from the community, and when you have someone helping you get through life, you feel much better. Why is that? Well, attending this event will give you the reason why our psychological well-being gets pegged to the people around us. After all, human beings are social creatures.

  • Psychology in the CafĂ©: Universal basic income: a policy at the heart of the community and social equity?

    18 Jan 2018

    start 6:00PM

    This event will get held on the eighteenth of January 2018 at four to six in the evening. If you are in Leicester, it will do you good to drop in and listen to guest speakers delve into the core of universal basic income. You can attend the event free of charge as long as you register on time.

    The guest speaker will be Dr. Sally Zlotowitz who practices psychology in the social change sector and Professor Rebecca Lawthom who teaches at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

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    What is UBI?

    Universal basic income is a concept with which many are yet to come to terms. The policy is gaining popularity by the day as experiments get conducted on a regular basis to find better ways of implementing it as clinicians study its effects.

    The concept behind UBI is where all citizens get access to basic income un-subjected to conditions on a perpetual basis. The way to get there is by getting rid of social welfare in places where it exists and coming up with social security measures where they are not available.

    There are very many arguments surrounding the concept, and because of its complex nature, many are yet to understand what effect it would have on the future. If the idea were to get accepted in society, we are looking at a future where participation in the community, work, and social equity will have different aspects to them, thus being separate.

    If you have questions about the concept or you are looking for a forum where you can discuss your opinion at length, register now and get to have your say. You will also get to learn a lot about UBI.